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FORZA Series Injection Moulding Machines

The FORZA Series is our latest high performance offering ranging from 60 Ton to 410 Ton. Equiped with high speed servo system, these machines are ideal for high production output.

FT Series Toggle Injection Moulding Machines

Introduced in 2018, the FT Series is the general purpose injection moulding machine that provides a budget solution for your needs. The FT Series starts from 110 Ton upto 1100 Ton.

FD Series Injection Moulding Machines

Our first product, the FD Series was launched in 2005, with machines as small as 07 Ton and as big as 400 Ton, has proven it efficiency over the period of 16 years.

Ancillary Equipment

hopper dryer

Hopper Dryer

plastic grinder

Plastic Grinder

water chiller


injection moulding robot